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Cleaning tips Nov 14, 2016

Way to prevent oil-gas pipeline:

This applies to customers who use gas pipeline building: glue on the gas pipeline the oil is thick and difficult to remove. Describes a precautionary approach: first gas drilling oil to undertake a thorough cleanup, and then using the calendar note for pattern cutting waste (5 cm) or so wide, along the gas pipe wrap, not only elegant, but note in Exchange for dirty very easily.

Kitchen range hoods remove oil tips:

Range hood oil pots should be cleaned after use, you can pack Orange oil in plastic bags in the box, snap box wall. Remove filled with oil after the oil box full of bags, then put on the new bag. This can solve the troubles of oil wash, dirty, and using waste plastic bags, saving time.

Range hood oil waste oil can be used in the box:

Many family kitchen range hoods are used the oil box within a few days were filled with oil. Use it to clear the kitchen Windows, exhaust fan and range hood stains are the best "grease." Specific methods: using rags or old towels dipped in the oil painting in oil, oil pollution and then wipe clean with a cloth, then wipe with a clean cloth. Polluted objects can be soaked in oil for a few seconds, softening can be wiped with a cloth after oil (especially thick with a thin bamboo scraper scrape. )