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Fan blade Nov 14, 2016

Fan blade clean must use ' smoke net '? Not necessarily. Although, fume NET on fuselage and fan leaves Shang of oil has is strong of SOAP of and emulsion capacity, will fume machine following of table with newspaper cover Hou, in fuselage and fan leaves Shang spray Shang fume NET, a few minutes Bell Hou open about fume machine, using fan of centrifugal force will fume NET and dissolved Xia of dirt oil pumping go, again with wet tissue wipe a again, fuselage and fan leaves of clean on do has home, but, fume NET after all is a chemical supplies, on skin and respiratory mucosa has must of stimulus role, we also is less with for good. Here are four ' smoke-free net ' fans to method, you can try:

1, dishwashing liquid and vinegar soak method. Fan blades carefully removed, soaked in 2 ml of detergent and 50ml mix of vinegar in a pot of hot water, soak about 15 minutes, then scrub with a clean cloth. Range hood body also use this solution to clean, keep the humidity at about 60 c should pay attention to the solution, just good detergency. The luster of cleaning fluid proved the opponent of skin and mucous membrane of the eyes without irritation, no corrosion on the hood, and still keep their original luster on the surface after cleaning.

2, the pressure cooker steam washing method. Pressure cooker put half a pot of cold water, boiled until I had steam continued discharges the minimum pressure valve, open range hoods aim the steam jet spinning blades, due to high water vapour keep shower door leaf, oil will follow the oil drain tank into the waste box.

3, good blade dry after brushing, coated with glues for Office, used a few months later oil patches on the fan leaves off and oil dipped in glue layer, convenient and clean.

4, spread newspapers on the stove first, open the hood switch "warm up" fan for two minutes, to spray detergent on a range hood fan, turn off the range hood, rest for three minutes, then 60 c of hot water into the range hood fan in the switch, has been dissolved oil droplets in oil storage boxes.