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Hood role Nov 14, 2016

1, the air flow. For high speed moving object in the air, air flow around moving objects generated by air resistance and turbulence will have a direct impact trajectory and velocity through the hood shape can effectively adjust the flow of air when motor sport direction and blocking effect on the car, reduced flow on effect. By diversion, air resistance can be broken down into useful force, high front tire to ground forces, conducive to the car's stability. Streamline appearance is designed in accordance with the principle of the hood.

2, protection of pipeline around the engine and accessories. Under the hood, are an important part of the car, including engine, circuit, oil, brakes and transmission systems, and so on. Vehicle is essential. By raising the hood and tectonic, but full protection from impact, corrosion, water, and electrical interference and other adverse effects, and full protection of the normal operation of the vehicle.

3, beautiful. Vehicle design is a visual embodiment of the value of vehicles, as an important part of the overall appearance of the hood, plays a very important role, a pleasure to reflect overall vehicle concepts.

4, auxiliary driving vision. Drivers in the course of driving a car, front sight and the reflection of natural light on the driver's right to judge road and ahead of a vital, through the shape of the hood can effectively adjust the direction of light and form, so as to reduce the effect of light on the driver.

5, to prevent accidents. Work under the environment of high temperature and high pressure combustible engine, due to overheating or accidental damage of the original explosion or combustion, accidents such as leaks, could effectively block the Hood from damage caused by explosion, play a protective shield. Effective air barrier and prevent the fire from spreading and reduce the risk of burns and damage.

6, special-purpose platform. Special vehicles, use of high-strength hood as work platforms, plays a supporting role.