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How to clear the fuselage? Nov 14, 2016

Bought a new range hood prior to its opening in two storage boxes, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder, and poured some one-third water, so that the recovery of oil floating on the water, rather than tightly condensed in the box on the wall, such as waste oil, drained and then the same.

Range hood body before the opening of the, you can use a slightly damp cloth dipped in dishwashing detergent (do not add water-) wipe the body and blades as well as brush, natural dry to prevent adhesion of fume ' detergent coating ' is ready. After a period of time, if the body feels sticky to the touch, it is time to to clean the body. Due to oil pollution and the fuselage has been "protective coating", so wash with 80 ℃ hot water directly to the fuselage, oil will wash down. When cleaning is done, apply the detergent on the fuselage again, apply a little thick, climate control in the ' hanging drops ', and then open the key cover wrap.

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