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Installation method Nov 14, 2016

1. smoke removal machines installation environment:

Excessive smoke removal machines installed around doors and Windows should be avoided, because the doors and Windows too much air flow, raise the smoke not to 250mm effective suction range has spread a lot, smoke effects are affected.

2. Remove exhaust range hood should be mounted directly above the exhaust, the height is 650~700mm better.

3. Remove exhaust range hood exhaust pipe installation requirements:

(1) exhaust outlet distance to the body should not be too long, turning radius as big and little turn, otherwise affect the smoke.

(2) the exhaust pipe protrude from or into the common cold flue interface closely, does not need exhaust to heat in the flue.

4. Remove exhaust range hood body level: the body after installation, observe the level.

5. in gas cooker hood should be installed directly above the center point location.

6. do not install the hood close to the strong position of doors and air convection, so as not to affect the smoke effect.

7. the duct outlet should not be too long, and preferably no more than 2 metres, and minimize bend, which could avoid 90 degree bend, otherwise it will affect the smoke effect.