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Island showcase Nov 14, 2016

Island showcase

Island Cabinet is divided into: wind the island counter and double outlet Island counter its effects by lowering the temperature, slow speed food bacteria, to extend shelf life. Drop dumplings, dumplings, lobster dumplings need to frozen food.

Island counter arguments

Advanced asymmetric wind curtain, effectively reduce the show internal heat and moisture Exchange with the outside air, reducing the power consumption of the display cabinet

Super capacity design, making storage much more food, reducing the number of goods

Hair with high performance and brand-name thermostatic expansion valve, ensure work efficiently reduce the defrosting of the evaporator and reduce energy consumption

Professional waterproof plugging, solved the problem a big problem in display cabinets

Cabinet adopts streamlined aluminum bumper protection, beautiful and decent, wear well,

Running against a showcase environment, display cabinets all parts for corrosion and rust treatment using electrostatic powder coating process coating protective layer.

Exhaust fan effectively reduces case noise