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Off line Nov 14, 2016

To use: plug the power plug into a grounded three-pin power socket of the device.

(1) in the off State, press "strong" and "weak" button, you can start the machine, running on strong wind/weak wind conditions, "strong" and "weak" key has an interlock feature.

(2) "light" key is used to control lighting, press light is on, press the lamp again.

(3) in the power on State, press "off" button, running under the hood stopped working.


(1) remove exhaust range hood exhaust air to be expelled should not be routed to the combustion gas flue of hot smoke or other fuels used in case of fire.

(2) removal of smoke stove consumes gas or other fuel use, the room must be well ventilated.

(3) prohibition of fire roasted directly on the range hood.

(4) must use reliable grounded electrical outlet.

(5) if the supply cord is damaged, you must use special cord or from the manufacturer or the maintenance Department of a private component to replace.

(6) If you do not follow the instructions prescribed the method of cleansing, removal of smoke is a fire hazard.

(7) when replacing the bulb, please unplug the power, every light bulb less than 20W of power.

(8) when cleaning, please wear rubber gloves to prevent metal cuts, remove the lighter parts with care, so as to avoid deformation.

(9) should be especially careful when cleaning turbines, not collision deformation or moving leaf weights, or cause vibration, noise increases.

(10) without unplugging the power cord for a long time.

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