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Other methods Nov 14, 2016

Most people when cleaning the range hood, are used to remove the cleaning, which is a waste of time, and easily damaged parts. Is introduced without disassembling the machine, cleaning method and saves time and effort.

1. Take a plastic bottle (can use various drink bottles are hand flat), on the cover with needles poking over more than 10 holes then mount the proper amount of cleaning concentrate, then fill it up with warm water and shake even.

2. Start the cooker hood, filled with plastic bottles of clean fine washes part spray cleaning fluid, oil pollution and the dirty water to flow into the storage bin, filled with down.

3. Bottle of cleaning fluid after use, continue to prepare, repeat cleaning. Until the flow of dirty water clean so far, depending on the degree of fouling, cleaning 3 times to rinse.

4. Such as fan blades with mesh cover should nets scored first to strengthen the washing effect.

5. Wipe clean inlet with a rag around the casing surfaces and lampshades.

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