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Smoke oil oil boxes available Nov 14, 2016

Many family kitchen range hoods are used the oil box within a few days were filled with oil. Use it to clear the kitchen Windows, exhaust fan and range hood stains are the best "grease." Specific methods: using rags or old towels dipped in the oil painting in oil, oil pollution and then wipe clean with a cloth, then wipe with a clean cloth. Polluted objects can be soaked in oil for a few seconds, softening can be wiped with a cloth after oil (especially thick with a thin bamboo scraper scrape. )

Range hood oil available in the cellar. Steel hinges for doors and Windows connections, often switching worn so much that sticks waste oil on the hinge axis points available, extend the life of hinges, and reduced noise.

Clean range hood oil box of tricks:

Range hood of set oil box within product full oil Hou, stick attached in box end of and walls of grease hard removed, if each cleaning clean Hou, in box end of thin to sub Shang a layer detergent, less added some water, oil than water light, again has product oil Shi on will floating in water Shang, cleaning Shi will box within oil pour out Hou, box end of is not has grease stick attached, with clean agent is easy cleaning clean.

Tile cleaning around the oven method:

Gas cooker white tiles by oil splashing around the smoke pollution, easy to clean, according to friend told a law, without the calendar color plastic film can be, goldfish dishwashing paste around on the tile coating both save cleaning time and according to the pattern you like, once every few months.

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