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Tips teach you side suction cooker hood buy a must see Nov 14, 2016

Watch appearance of materials:

Buy hood first is style, and match the overall style room, saving space and does not meet, agree, the results are not the same in different styles; the second is to look at the material, lateral-suction range hood body materials such as stainless steel, cold rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel sheet baked paint spray, three. Body a variety of grades of stainless steel materials, some back "Jerry-built", use 0.4MM thick stainless steel, even some "feed".

Cold rolled steel sheet baked painted for range hood joined the composition of color, beautiful and stylish. At the time of purchase to pay attention to the quality of the paint. Also to check whether all the paint. Spray prices are relatively cheaper than paint, but also to see if even, neat, meticulous, and so on.

Second, the quality of motor:

Motor quality and power to decide on the range hood range hood capacity recommendations as much as possible to buy metal Turbo fan page range hoods, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, there will be fan Turbo fan pages into plastic, is generally not recommended to buy.

In addition, also consider Turbo Power, exhaust, noise and side suction hood General 200W of power, exhaust must not be less than 14m3/seconds; noise does not exceed 65~68dB of the current national standard range hood, electrical power and air flow rate, the smaller the better.

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