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Air Mechanics Of Range Hood Nov 06, 2017

A dedicated outlet with a reliable grounding wire must be used in a range hood outlet. Exhaust fumes from hoods are not allowed to be discharged into hot flue. Before ignition cooking should be opened in advance to ensure that the lampblack effect. Regular cleaning of the wind wheel, double-leaf check valve, shutters, vent cavity and the body surface of the oil and fouling, can use neutral detergent.Range hood 

Oil in the cup of oil, accumulated to eight full, will be dumped, so as not to overflow and pollute the body. The motor refueling once a year, preferably with spindle oil or sewing machine oil, the motor should not be washed or water cleaning.Range hood

When using, plug the power supply into the 220V mains outlet, press the key switch, lighting light; Press the left or right button, the left duct fan or the right wind duct fan to operate; press the double duct button, the left and right duct fan to run at the same time smoke fumes; When press the Stop button, the button automatically reset, the whole machine stopped working, light extinguished.Range hood

Using the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design, the principle of separating the lampblack from the fume and then discharging the clean air is first used. Its characteristic is smoke lampblack effect good smoke lampblack effect is above 99%. No oil does not meet, hidden in cabinets and cabinets into one, does not occupy space. Motor Non-stick Oil service life long, easy to clean. Power saving is generally in 160 watts. Fumes do not guarantee the health of the housewife through the respiratory zone. Clean air does not pollute the environment.Range hood

For range hoods, fan power and noise, should be integrated consideration, wind, fan power is not greater the better, in achieving the same net rate of extraction, the premise of the wind turbine power and air flow should be smaller, so that both energy saving power, but also to achieve a better mute effect.Range hood 

As for noise, the national standard stipulates that the noise of a range hood is no more than 65 to 68 decibels. In this sense, at ordinary times, the family who love to cook food is best to avoid the purchase of shallow-cover type plate type, ultra-thin type, such as low extraction rate hoods.Range hood