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Be Quickly To Clean The Range Hood Aug 14, 2017

    Range hood cleaning has always been a headache, the range hood in the home space to provide clean and beautiful when the kitchen itself was shrouded by oil and rinse, the range hood clean up quite trouble, then the range hood How to clean it?

    How to clean the range hood? Range hood cleaning mainly consists of four parts: the fuselage, leaf fan, oil network and oil storage box. Prepare materials including soap, detergent, rags and brushes.

    How to clean the fuselage: fuselage cleaning is relatively simple, as the ordinary kitchen supplies cleaning method will be able to get. The detergent and smear on the wet cloth, and then scrub the body, and finally wipe with a wet cloth can be. Of course, we all know that when cleaning with hot wet rag to oil effect is better.

    How to clean the range hood fan fan: fan blade cleaning must use the "fume net"? Not necessarily. Although the main body of the fume purifier has a strong saponification and emulsifying capacity for the fan blades of the oil, the hood is covered with the newspaper in the following table, the smoke is blown in the body and fan blades, after a few minutes, open the hood, The centrifugal force will be soaked in oil and oil pollution solution, and then wipe with a wet tissue, clean the body and leaves, but, after all, is a fume purification chemicals, skin and respiratory mucosa have a certain stimulus, we still Less the better.

    How to clean the oil hood How to clean the oil network: protect the fan blade of the oil network can be slowly removed with a screwdriver, sprayed on the 'fume net' into the plastic bag, put it aside after 15 minutes, in the basin into the 80 ℃ hot water After careful cleaning with a rag. If the grease on the oil line is very thick, you can also use a thin bamboo film gently scraping a part of the grease before cleaning.

    How to clean the storage hood: storage box is very simple to take, so the housewives as long as you see inside the oil can be removed when it can be used detergent, oil less cleaning is also easier. If too troublesome can also be affixed to the box in a layer of plastic wrap, cling film to be part of the tank beyond the box, completely cover the original box inside the surface, so that smoke adsorbed on the plastic wrap, Replace it, so save the trouble of cleaning.