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Ceiling Design Of Side Range Hood Oct 12, 2017

Traditional range hoods are ceiling design, the installation height is generally around 700mm, and its mainstream models of the fan power are mostly between 200 ~ 250W, so the effective suction radius of about 400mm or so, so the pot surface in its Fan suction range, so that the smoke from the pot surface will naturally spread everywhere. In order to clean, from the principle of air mechanics, it only to the height down, let the effective radius of the suction will cover the pot, naturally can achieve 99% of the suction effect, but it is clear Cooking, and after careful analysis is not difficult to find, this ceiling design is the traditional reason for pumping smoke is not clean.Side range hood

Traditional hood in the smoke filter, are using oil filter network. There is a layer, two or more layers, the filter hole has a square, diamond, round, etc., the purpose is to hope through the filter to the fumes blocked, but the use of so many years of view, the effect of this solution is very poor, There is a well-known brand of promotional materials frankly told: even if the filter to 0.01 square centimeters, there are still 37% of the fumes can not stop, and now the majority of the machine's filter holes are 0.04 square centimeters, and thus almost Direct emissions, the result is the smoke inside the wall of smoke, resulting in a large number of fan impeller oil uneven, fan movement to lose dynamic balance, so the suction effect is naturally getting worse, the mechanical noise is also growing. In short there is no effective purification function is the traditional hood function quickly down straight.Side range hood Due to the defects of its ceiling design and the lack of effective means of purification, in order to ensure short-term suction effect, the power is generally higher (mainstream models are between 200W ~ 250W), is obviously very power.

Fourth, because there is no effective means of purification, resulting in a large number of fan and machine cavity oil accumulation, cleaning is very difficult, the general need for professionals to complete, and sometimes the effect of cleaning but worse, time-consuming and laborious.Side range hood