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Chimney Anti-Rain Hood Aug 11, 2017

              Long-term use of large-scale lampblack machine, if not frequent lampblack cleaning, there will be a lot of oil stains residue on the hood and Lampblack pipeline surface, time will form oily grease, if not cleaning or simple cleaning is not handled, it is easy to cause fire. And some restaurants kitchen, because of high utilization rate, oily oil, fire and prosperous, very easy to trigger fire, the best way to fire is to regularly wash hoods and chimneys.Chimney Hood

              Some nonstandard operations in the kitchens of residents ' homes are likely to trigger fires. For some restaurants, daily use of fire more, so the focus of fire prevention is mainly concentrated in the kitchen, but for hotels, hotels, restaurants and family kitchen smoke system (pipe, fan, smoke hood, purifier) for a long time did not do cleaning, or can not find a person to do cleaning, catering operators should promptly organize personnel to clean the flue, to avoid fire accidents.Chimney Hood

              A kind of rain-retaining equipment, in particular, it relates to a chimney rain-proof cover, which comprises a cylinder, a block of rain plate, an inner tube, a sluice outlet, an inner round tube arranged inside the cylinder, an upper end of the inner tube arranged with a rain plate, and a discharge outlet disposed at the lower end of the cylinder side and the opening The invention utilizes a baffle plate in the cylinder to block the rain water, and flows to the side edge to drain off. Because there is no external resistance in the cylinder, the rainwater flows smoothly to the side to achieve good water retaining effect and avoids the rainwater entering the interior of the equipment.Chimney Hood