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Choose A Practical Range Hood Sep 04, 2017


    Select the range hood should first look at smoking. Because the purpose of the purchase is to smoke in the cooking smoke, reduce indoor pollution, so the first choice in the model should choose strong smoking, smoke high smoke range hood.

Air volume, fan power and noise

    The amount of wind turbines, fan power and noise should be considered. Air volume, fan power is not the bigger the better, to achieve the same purport under the premise of the fan power and air volume should be as small as possible, so that both energy saving, but also can achieve better mute effect. As for the noise, the noise does not exceed 65 to 68 decibels, so usually love the fire cooking fried, stir-fried food and love the food spicy food is best to avoid the purchase of shallow-type flat-type, slim and other low pumping rate Hood.


    Many people have the same feeling, the new purchase of the range hood work for some time, the noise increases, the exhaust volume has also been reduced. This is mainly the result of the turbulence of the turbo fan of the range hood fan. Therefore, when buying, we must pay special attention to choose without any special tools, housewives can easily wash and wash models.

    Due to the low installation position, the formation of the negative pressure zone just around the stove, which in the stove around the formation of a negative pressure area. So that the furnace around the atmospheric pressure in the role of all the flow into the air, the resulting smoke will not spread; thus ensuring 99% of the smoke smoke rate.

    In addition, oil and gas into the filter plate to form numerous eddy currents, oil molecules in the vortex under the action of the process and the flow of dramatic changes, so that oil and gas to achieve the purpose of separation. So that the gas into the body and the oil separation, gas flow up, the oil flow down, filtered down all the oil is filtered to the lower part of the body of the large oil box, so that the body of other parts of the oil.