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Classic Nov 14, 2016

Traditional range hood is ceiling design, installation height is generally about 700mm, and fan power of its mainstream models are between 200~250W, so its effective suction radius around 400mm, so completely outside the scope of its fans pumping so that fumes from the Pan will naturally spread around. To clean, speaking from the theory of air power, it only bring down the height, RADIUS will pan to get the suction cover 99% suction effect can be achieved naturally, but that was obviously unable to Cook, after careful analysis is not difficult to find, this ceiling design is the root cause of traditional cigarette machines are not clean.

Traditional range hood range hood filters, are based on the oil screen. There are one, two or more layers, filtering hole, such as square, diamond, round, objective to hope the filter range hood blocking, but judging from so many years of use, this solution is very poor, filter when even as small as 0.01 square centimetre, still 37% smoke stop, Filter mesh most cigarette machines in the market of around 0.04 square centimeters, which is almost directly, the result is pollution smoke wall, fan caused a large number of non-uniform oil collecting, fan turns losing balance, hence the natural suction effect is getting worse, its mechanical noise is increasing. In short there is no effective purification is a traditional smoke works quickly drop third straight: due to its ceiling design flaws and lack of effective means of purification, in order to ensure the suction effect in the short term, its power is generally higher (between the mainstream model in the 200W~250W), apparently very low power consumption.