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Clean The Kitchen Range Hood Aug 26, 2017

    Range hood is used to solve the kitchen fumes plagued electrical products, long use, range hood and the cavity will be filled with oil, affecting its normal smoke effect, only after professional wash and wash to normal use. The same time as


    1. first pull out the power of the hood, the range hood removed. The same time as


    2. the hood of the shell surface and the screen is generally according to the provisions of the range of hood maintenance cleaning, spray oil in the wipe with a rag, not easy to fall off the available steel ball. And then wipe with water rag. The same time as


    3. the range of hood internal cleaning Note:

    a When cleaning, the motor and the electrical part can not enter the water.

    b When cleaning, you can not pull the internal cable, otherwise it will loose the connection point, resulting in electric shock hazard. 

    c special attention to the ban on the use of alcohol, banana water, gasoline and other flammable solvents to clean the hood to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. 

    d When cleaning, wear rubber gloves to prevent sharp edges of metal parts. The same time as

    e Remove the parts to be light to avoid deformation, cleaning the impeller to be careful not to touch or move the leaves of the counterweight, otherwise, will cause the machine vibration, noise increases.


    4. cleaning the impeller and volute need to note:

    a Unscrew the cover and cover screws and remove the cover and cover. 

    b Then unscrew the tightening screws of the wind wheel and remove the wind wheel. s

    c will be removed from the parts of the oil in the warm water soak, wipe with a soft water cloth.

    d scrub the dirt in the inner cavity of the volute with a soft cloth with a small amount of warm water.

    e install the above parts in reverse order of disassembly;

    f after installation, check the oil pipeline is smooth and the spiral case on the seal can seal;

    g Clean the wind wheel, volute, grease nipple and drain tubing according to the period specified by the range hood maintenance. 

    For those hoods with filter hoods, since the soot has been previously filtered through the inside of the appliance, the internal structure does not need to be cleaned. Only the cleaning of the appliance shell and the filter cover is required in accordance with the period specified in the instructions. 


    5. filter cover cleaning:

    a Unscrew the screws that secure the cover.

    b Place the removed filter cover in the warm water of the oilizer for a few minutes. 

    c with a soft plastic brush to filter the dirt in the pores clean, and then wipe with water rag.     d Install the filter cover as shown before removing it.

    e After installation, check that the oil path of the appliance is smooth and that the seal on the volute is sealed. 

    f Clean the filter cover according to the period specified by the range hood maintenance.