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Cleaning Tips For Wall Mounted Range Hood Nov 06, 2017

Pressure cooker steam flushing method. The pressure cooker inside cold water boiling, waiting for the steam constantly discharged when taking the lower limit valve, open the range hood, the Steam water column on the rotating fan, as a result of high heat steam into the blades and other components, oil sewage will flow into the waste oil cups, until there is no oil in the cup.Wall Mounted Range Hood

Detergent, vinegar immersion method. will be smoked oil surface impeller removed, soaked in with 3---5 drip detergent and 50 ml vinegar mixed with a basin of warm water, soaked 10-20 minutes, and then with a clean cloth scrub. The shell and other parts are also cleaned with this solution. This method has no damage to the skin, no corrosion to the device, and the surface remains the original luster after cleaning. Soap liquid surface smear method. The soap is made into paste, and then applied to the surface of the impeller and other devices, exhaust hood used after a period of time, remove the impeller and other devices, with a rag wipe, the oil is dropped.Wall Mounted Range Hood

Only the wind pressure above 180Pa can form a certain distance of the airflow cycle. The size of the wind pressure depends on the structure of the impeller design, the general range Hood impeller using Eddy current Jet type. In fact, this is a mixed-flow impeller, the formation of the wind pressure is greater than the axial flow of wind leaves and far less than centrifugal wind vane. The ventilator belongs to the axial flow type wind vane structure, acts has the air volume, but the wind pressure is small, cannot form the effective suction, even if in the lampblack diffuse kitchen opens uses, also only a small part lampblack platoon walks.Wall Mounted Range Hood

This new range hood does not dip lampblack, can be free of washable, is an ideal environment-friendly products. This is more than the exhaust fan can replace. There is also a filter-type loop hood, it relies on the outer layer of the oil suction net and the inner carbon filter to absorb the smoke, after the treatment of clean air circulation into the room, so no need to install a dedicated external exhaust pipe. This type of non-polluting Lampblack processor is widely used abroad, and there is a small amount of production in China at present, and will be the popular variety in the future.Wall Mounted Range Hood