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Comparison Of Wall Mounted Range Hood And Ceiling-tops Jul 08, 2017

            Side-suction hood Advantages and disadvantages (in the case of the square too wind cube, click into): Advantages: 1, no oil not to meet. Because the side-suction range hood using the slant design, resulting in side-suction hoods will not appear meet and drop oil phenomenon. 2, the effect is good: because the side suction range hood is very close to the stove, can be the first time to lock the lampblack, and use from the side into the wind does not smoke flames, will not waste gas. 3, can realize lampblack separation, side suction range hood uses lampblack separation panel, can separate the lampblack, the grease will not enter the inside cavity of the smoke machine, realizes the inner cavity's free and washable, but needs to clean the lampblack panel.Wall Mounted Range Hood

           Disadvantages: Noise is slightly large, part of the side-suction hood There is too much noise problem, of course, some good side-suction hoods have been silent type, the future will be recommended for everyone. The advantages and disadvantages of direct-suction hoods (Take the Boss hoods as an example, point into the entry):

           Advantages: 1, smoke exhaust effect good direct suction type (top suction type) hood technology is relatively mature, smoke removal effect is better, at the same time the price is low. 2, the style is many, the atmosphere fashionable direct-suction range hood design is diverse, the volume generally is bigger, the texture is strong, can and other kitchen electrical appliances integrates as a whole.Wall Mounted Range Hood

           Disadvantage: 1, easy to meet, drop oil phenomenon: Because the direct suction type (top suction type) hoods installed in the cooker is just above, so it may be in the cooking time to meet the phenomenon, while the oil on-line some of the grease time will accumulate, there will be a drop of oil phenomenon. 2, Lampblack is easy to disperse: because the direct suction lampblack machine installs the height from the stove example farther, therefore caused the lampblack to disperse easily. 3, occupy a larger space: because the direct suction range hood size is larger, will occupy a large kitchen space, so not suitable for kitchen space too small family use.Wall Mounted Range Hood