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Development Prospects Nov 14, 2016

Range hood industry after years of development, China has become a more mature industry. Compared with other appliances, range hood industry in a competitive environment.

With the in-depth study of kitchen cooking habits and environment of the community, as consumer's pursuit of life quality improvement, range hoods in the product category, technical content, standardization and other areas have made certain achievements. Range hood industry in China has gradually entered the new stage of brand and technology-driven.

Advancing the course of urbanization in China and the rapid expansion of China's urban population, China's urbanization and urbanization population and from rural to urban shift of population, will remain in the 2012-2015 growth of 25%. Not only in expanding the scale of China's cities, medium and small cities is constantly expanding, the objective for the range hood on the market to provide a favorable space. By 2012-2015, home range hood market will maintain a sustained growth in consumer demand, compound annual growth rate will reach around 15%.