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Features Of Side Range Hood Aug 18, 2017

     Side-Suction range hood (near-suction range hood): Side-suction (near-suction) using the side-inlet and fume separation technology, is into the development of a few years of the product, the traditional range hood to improve the design, to be able to smoke the first time, so that the oil fume purification rate higher Advantages: Smoke Lampblack effect better ideal, environmental protection and energy saving. Disadvantages: Less style, cleaning more trouble, noise.Side range hood
     Thin-type hood light weight, small size, easy to hang, but its thin design and low motor power, so that a considerable part of cooking fumes can not be included in the suction range, the opportunity to escape indoors, the smoke rate is significantly lower than other two types of models. Therefore, most consumers do not consider this type when buying soot. If your kitchen wall is thin (not load-bearing wall), bearing Shing deep type Lampblack machine weight, because the kitchen layout limit, cannot place the cabinet type Lampblack hood, then, the thin type Lampblack machine is your ideal choice.Side range hood
     Deep range hood external smooth and beautiful, smoke rate high, can be matched with different styles of modern kitchen furniture, has become the first choice for consumers to buy lampblack machine, at present in the market occupies a dominant position. Various manufacturers have introduced different types of deep type hood. Side range hood
     Deep-type hood deep cover can be more widely smoked cooking fume, its deep type of fuselage to facilitate the installation of powerful motor, which makes the lampblack machine smoking rate greatly improved. The deep type Lampblack machine because of the larger heavier, the request kitchen wall body to have the certain thickness, can withstand the lampblack machine itself weight and it in the operation the pressure which produces. Take this into account when buying.Side range hood