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Features Of Wall Mounted Range Hood Jul 01, 2017

     Side suction Type advantage is not easy to meet, the appearance of fashion, smoking mouth close to the point of smoke, suction row effect, the young people like, the design is not good, the bottom easy to accumulate oil, convex part easily affect the operation.Wall Mounted Range Hood
     The use of modern industrial automation technology, Internet technology and the perfect combination of multimedia technology, to provide a model for the contemporary intelligent kitchen, leading the modern kitchen into the entertainment and enjoyment of the dynamic ERA. But there are some technical bottlenecks in the popularization of distance.Wall Mounted Range Hood
      According to the model of the fan to divide, the lampblack machine can be divided into axial flow type and centrifugal type two kinds. Axial-flow fan is generally equipped with shallow cover, large air volume, small wind pressure, centrifugal fan pressure. The market on the sale of lampblack machine mainly centrifugal type, so the choice of the type of space is not large, generally is the outer row, with centrifugal fan. According to the structure of the form, the main oil-absorbing machine has deep and thin type of two, and the other half deep, European and pulling type and other models. The market range hoods have thin, deep type, cabinet type three kinds. Deep range hood Smoke rate is high, can be matched with different styles of modern kitchen furniture, deep-type housings can be more widely smoked cooking fume, its deep type of fuselage easy to install power of the motor, which makes the lampblack machine smoking rate greatly improved.Wall Mounted Range Hood
     According to the number of motor, the Lampblack machine is divided into two kinds of single and double motors. According to the different control mode, the hood can be divided into two types: mechanical switch control type and electronic switch control type. 1, when the start of a strong wind many people think that the use of small wind range hoods can save electricity. In fact, Lampblack machine in the start-up of the most power consumption, open small wind gear, because of the slow running speed, so start up the relative contribution of electricity, and strong wind gear because of the speed of operation, start up also save electricity. Therefore, it is best to start with a strong wind gear and then turn small. 2, do not wash frequently washing method is not appropriate, may also cause the use of increased power consumption. Frequent wash-and-wash hoods will lead to deformation of parts, thus increasing resistance and increasing power consumption. In fact, Lampblack is generally not into the motor, it is recommended to clean the surface can be. 3, clean do not wipe some people cleaning hood, are accustomed to wipe the wind on the greasy dirt, but this may lead to deformation of the wind vane, increase the resistance and charge. Therefore, when cleaning, can be sprayed on the wind vane detergent, let the wind vane rotation and dry. 4, the use of small lights on the hood some people are accustomed to cooking when the kitchen lights open, but the use of small power hoods on the lighting can be done, so that not only can make full use of the function of the range hood, but also save electricity. 5, do not use in addition to the flavor of a range hood when changing wind equipment, commonly used range hoods to disperse odor. In fact, the range hood ventilation is small, the role of ventilation is slow, it will be more electricity.Wall Mounted Range Hood