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Five Precautions When Using Range Hood Aug 25, 2017

   When the use of the five hood precautions: people pay more and more attention to the health of the body, especially in the daily maintenance, but no matter how cautious, the daily fumes really inevitable, so the hood has become a lot of family must Electrical appliances. Do you really use the hood at home?


    Wrong 1 Only in the cooking when the range hood, and boiled water, cooking is not open. In fact, the function of the hood is not only pumping away cooking fumes, but also should eliminate gas pollution (on the one hand, each ignition, flame leakage gas, on the other hand is the combustion of gas in the combustion process). Especially liquefied petroleum gas, contains a variety of strong carcinogenic substances, more harmful than cooking fumes health.


    Wrong 2 Only pay attention to smoke, while ignoring the addition of fresh air. In the row of fumes at the same time, the use of ventilation fans to add fresh air, so as to keep the gas with sufficient oxygen to maintain combustion.


    Wrong 3 The distance between the hood and the stove is less than 70 cm, or the hood is installed on a stove using solid fuel (such as coal, wood, etc.), which are hidden in the fire.


    Wrong 4 Rub the plastic parts with alcohol solution, scrub the surface of the hood with metal, which will make the plastic parts, hood surface loss of luster.

    Wrong 5 Often half a year before cleaning a filter. In the case of daily use, should be every half or 1 month to filter the filter once, otherwise it will affect the oil filter effect.