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How Does The Hood Decontamination? Aug 21, 2017

    1. the home with the soap, it is best to use the remaining soap head, with a bubble into a paste, and then in the range of oil hoods easy to hang the oil layer of a thin layer of smoke hood can be coated with some, Coated with a good dry, assembled to use; scrub clean, it should be coated with a layer of soap paste. In this way scrub the range hood, not only save time, effort, but also does not destroy the appearance of the range of paint hood finish, so long as bright as new.

    2. the hood fan leaves small, hand does not go in, fumes pollution cleaning is very convenient, but also often in the cleaning, the fan touch deformation, resulting in uneven center of gravity.

    There is a trick to try: the brush will be a good fan to dry, coated with a layer of glue, the use of a few months after the fan leaves into a piece of oil to take down, both convenient and clean, if coated with a layer of glue can be used Months.

    3. the most annoying range hood is the storage tank cleaning, it is recommended that you may wish to paste a layer of plastic wrap in the box, plastic wrap to be part of the tank beyond the cover, completely cover the original box inside the surface, So that the smoke adsorbed on the cling film, can be replaced from time to time to replace.

    4. each time after cooking dishes, let the range hood to continue to run for 30 seconds to 1 minute, will remain in the air of soot water vapor and unburned complete carbon monoxide out of the house, not only reduce the chance of housewife lung cancer, but also effective Eliminate fumes and reduce oil coagulation.

    5. you can use grease cleaning agent into the machine, five to ten minutes after the boot, so that softened oil with centrifugal force removed. Oil network can be removed after the spray on the cleaning agent, into the plastic bag, after a break, and then into the 80 degrees Celsius hot water, ten minutes later, then the general way to clean.

    6. taking advantage of the hood on the waste heat, with a rag to the surface slightly wipe it again, you can easily wipe the stains on the hood on the grease. To clean the exhaust fan, first cover the newspaper in the gas furnace, open the range hood switch, to the range hood fan spray on the neutral detergent after standing for 3 minutes, then the warm water into the range hood fan, let Dissolved oil flow to the oil storage box, and then clean the storage tank can be, about a week to clean the fan can be.