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How The Side Range Hood Sep 27, 2017

      Lampblack machine itself work way, if from its smoked lampblack working principle to classify, mainly on the side suction type and top suction type Two, this is the lampblack machine after the birth of the West, there have been two main ways of working. In addition, the bottom suction type and so on, and so on, because Non-mainstream, not Luo.Side range hood

      And after the birth of Chinese-style smoke machine, also has been mainly following the Western-style smoke machine side suction and top suction of the two main working methods, the difference is that the design of Chinese tobacco machine over the years are based on the characteristics of Chinese cooking in the improvement and research and development, and Western-style smoke suction machine to inhale different, Chinese-style range hoods are mainly by changing the form of smoke cover to collect more lampblack, Fan power increase to increase suction and other ways to gradually form a Chinese-style smoke machine mainstream styles and trends.Side range hood

      In the top suction and side suction of the two types of smoke suction, the first used in the Chinese-style smoke machine is actually the side suction type, the use of the side suction mode of the working interface. Side range hood

     Using a more high-power motor and fan top-suction, from the aerodynamic angle, lampblack heating up the trend, it seems more suitable for the top of the stove to add negative suction suction device, and through the transformation of a larger deeper smoke hood, it seems to be able to accommodate and facilitate the absorption of more lampblack, so with the resulting, the emergence of a large number of domestic lampblack machine manufacturers, are on a large scale into the production of smoke-suction machine.Side range hood

     The new side suction type smoke machine and the early side suction type has the very big difference, through to the suction tuyere transformation, the new side suction smoke machine's absorption place is closer to the stove and the cooking area, the intention is lets the lampblack in not diffuse before as soon as possible absorbs, this and the early days smokeless stove work principle is quite consistent, So now almost all of the new side-suction smoke machine manufacturers of advertising materials, such as fried chili peppers so that you can not smell the common language.Side range hood