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How To Choose The Side Range Hood Jul 28, 2017

                First of all to understand what "heart" is used to do, "heart" is undoubtedly the motor. One is to understand the motor power, motor power in general between the $unit, the general number of Watts higher wind (the greater the noise); the second is to understand whether the motor is completely closed or semi-closed, Zhejiang's side-suction range hood motor is generally closed, fully enclosed motor coils are made of all copper wire, the whole copper wire heating small, fast cooling, not easy to burn, so can be completely closed, fully enclosed to better protect the motor. Semi-enclosed motor coils are usually made of copper clad aluminum, aluminum, or even wire. Large heat, slow cooling, easy to burn; Three is to understand how the motor bearings, a lot of people will be said to be Japan NSK bearings, in fact, almost, you ask where the production of the motor, you can, the general Zhejiang production will not use poor bearings.Side range hood

               Next to understand the "organs", that is, the impeller is made of iron or plastic? The iron is of course good; is the wiring made of copper or aluminum wire? The copper wire is of course good; is the switch a mechanical switch or a touch (light touch) switch? Mechanical switch looks low grade, bad press but relatively durable, touch (touch) switch looks high-grade, fashion; the lamp is the eye of Lampblack machine, General is the LED lamp to do, but want to see is a few lamp bead, general 20 lamp bead is better than 10 lamp bead, beautiful and attractive. The same is 20 lamp bead, also want to see this switch is worthy of "transformer"? Equipped with Transformers than no transformers appear a little bit darker, but not easy to burn, the transformer of course expensive.Side range hood

              Again is to see the side-suction range hood accessories, such as the thickness of the smoke pipe, the toughness of the tuyere, oil cup (oil box) quality.Side range hood