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How To Solve The Kitchen Fumes Sep 06, 2017

    Top suction range hood is installed in the fog around the top of the 70CM, through a powerful exhaust fan to smoke away, but because of the distance from the stove is 70cm, do not let the smoke around the smoke all suck away. Side suction range hood is installed on the side of the stove, can teach close to smoke fumes, smoking effect will be better than the top suction. But no matter how, because the smoke is to the four sides of the drift, the range hood can not completely suck the fumes. According to a wide range of practical tests, range  hood smoking rate is 60% to 80%, not the best choice for open kitchen

    If you want to better effect, it is best to use activated carbon, activated carbon wall application of activated carbon porous principle, together with nano-alkaline substances, has a strong adsorption and decomposition capacity, can absorb fumes, and clean indoor air, the release of negative Oxygen ions, let the kitchen return to nature, enjoy the beauty of bamboo after the rain.

    To solve the problem of kitchen fumes, choose a good effect of the hydraulic machine is also very important. In the purchase time, consumers also need to pay attention to the air volume of this indicator. Air volume is the static pressure is zero when the range of hood unit exhaust volume In general, the greater the amount of wind, the faster the timely and large number of fumes in the kitchen to smoke clean, it is recommended to buy well-known brands of hydraulic press.

    Many owners for the beautiful, like the design of open kitchen decoration, but this smoke has become a problem. But if the decoration design of the kitchen when the door closed, then, although the seal of the fumes, but also will affect the appearance. Then this time can be clever use of glass break with sliding doors to create half effect. Glass has a good sense of permeability can make the space more open, but also isolated from the kitchen fumes and noisy, with the best of both worlds.

    Open kitchen stove, should be considered not to produce too much fume kitchen utensils, so high-power range hood is an open kitchen indispensable "smoke defender". It is best to have a larger window, which can ensure good ventilation to reduce the indoor fumes, but also make the indoor light more bright.