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If The Range Hood Not Turn Aug 16, 2017

The range hood motor does not turn - desoldering

    Desoldering, then, are generally reflected in the range of the hood and the connection and other aspects of the desoldering. Generally this happens, it is easy to cause the smoking machine can not be used normally, and this is also one of the reasons why the range hood motor does not turn, if once the hood motor does not turn, then first check the motor connector or power Time is not plugged, or desoldering, check completely after, then the welding can lead to the motor can not be used, you need a capacitor of the same size to replace the old capacitor. This will allow the motor to turn up again.

The range hood motor does not turn - internal quality

    There are many reasons why the hood motor does not turn, but we can not see the range hood motor, it is because of its internal quality problems, this is one of the long-term causes, so when the smoke hood machine must be Focus on caution. If the smoke hood motor does not turn, then it is not a desoldering, then there may be a part of the internal motor problems, if it is encountered such a situation, we must take some measures to use rubber to fix, adjust the maple leaf As well as the spindle so that it can be rotated.

The range hood motor does not turn - oil spill

    General motor used for a long time, the bottom of the motor there will be a lot of oil, so we have to clean the battery at regular intervals every part of the site, so as to avoid the smoke hood motor fire. And this oil spill is also caused by the range hood motor does not turn one of the reasons. Then the situation, then perhaps may be caused by the decoration, then the reason for this solution is relatively simple, as long as the oil spill to re-adjust the point of view on the line. This situation also requires careful and careful place.

The range hood motor does not turn - the exhaust effect is poor

    Although the smoke machine motor can be the correct rotation, but the exhaust and the effect of pumping smoke is not very good, then this will cause the range hood motor does not turn, if this situation you have encountered, then we must take targeted To solve the measures, and first of all we have to use a sealed seal tightly, without the kitchen as far as possible ventilation, reduce the pressure inside and outside the environment, you can also configure the regulator, ventilation, of course, timely treatment of oil to ensure that the range hood motor Of the clean, which is to solve the range hood motor does not turn one of the ways.