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Intelligent Fog Machine Nov 14, 2016

Using modern industrial automatic control technology, the perfect combination of Internet and multimedia technologies, provides a model for modern kitchens, leading modern kitchen into the entertainment and enjoyment of active age. But actually still have some technical bottlenecks.

According to fan models, hood includes axial and centrifugal types. Axial flow fan equipped with shallow cover, wind and wind pressure; pressure centrifugal fans. Hood sold on the market mainly dominated by centrifugal, so the model has little choice in the matter, is generally discharged, with centrifugal fan.

According to its structure, hood there are two types: deep and thin, another deep-, European-and telescopic models. Range hood on the market have thin, deep, Cabinet-type three types.

Deep-range hoods exhaust rate is high, can match the different styles of modern kitchen furniture, deep-cover is more pumped cooking oil fumes on a large scale, its easy to install the powerful motor of the fuselage, which makes smoke smoking rate is much improved.

Thin range hood light weight, small size, easy to hang, but their thin designs and lower motor power, so quite part of cooking oil fumes can't be incorporated into the suction range, have the opportunity to escape from the indoor, smoke exhaust rate is significantly lower than the other two models.

Cabinet range hood formed by the fume cupboard and a dedicated hood, range hood Cabinet taper, and when the fan is activated, a negative pressure within the Cabinet, outside air to an internal supplement, smoke cabinets in front of the air inlet opening to form a, fumes and other exhaust gases cannot escape, ensure the pumping rate of soot and nitrogen oxides.

By the number of motor, hood has motor and two dual motor.

According to the different control modes, hood can be divided into mechanical switch control and electronic switches controlled in two ways.