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Is The Side Draft Range Hood Convenient To Clean? Aug 12, 2017

    Side draft hood pumping degree is good, the top suction hood prone to fumes scattered phenomenon because some cooking methods are hot stir, will produce a lot of fumes were sucked into the body, while spilled smoke will be scattered to the room A corner, leaving greasy everywhere, so the smoke of the suction rate should be the primary criteria for the selection of range hood. As long as the suction hood can be sucked near the smoke rate is high, if an ordinary top-suction range hood directly buckle the top of the pot, still can get this effect, but can not really do this: First, no cooking, Suction hood installed so low, will smoke up.

    Side draft range hood is the side of the wind, the air inlet is greatly reduced, only pumping smoke, do not smoke the flames, with fume separator near the suction range hood can not only suck away the smoke, while the gas can also be harmful gases It is sucked, especially the near-suction range hood fume separation filter plate, can be described as a feat of the hood, its smoke absorption rate can reach more than 99%, fume purification rate reached 90%.

    In the kitchen is stir fried pepper also smell the soy flavor, especially for open kitchen. With the soot separation plate of the side suction range hood with its high standard of fume removal rate and fume purification rate, become truly in line with the cooking habits of the range hood.

    Side draft hood can be made to smoke smoke separation method is the oil, smoke separation, not only affect the effect of the range hood exhaust smoke important factors, but also for future cleaning is convenient, the fan's life play a decisive role. Traditional smoke exhaust is the first smoke into the re-discharge, due to low smoke rate, with a period of time after the cavity and fan blades will be filled with a lot of oil, clean up very hard.

     In order to isolate fumes, and some manufacturers are using oil filter network way, want to smoke through the filter to block, but after years of use to see the effect is not good, did not completely solve practical problems, because the general smoke machine filter hole majority In the 0.04 square centimeters, and the filter hole is as small as 0.01 square centimeters, there are still some fumes can pass, coupled with the traditional smoke smoke can not do oil, smoke separation, the result is the smoke machine wall and fan impeller will stick A large number of fumes, a long time will affect the fan rotation and suction effect.

    With the soot separation plate of the side draft range hood as a result of the use of fume separation technology, after the start of the smoke can be inhaled instantaneously in the fume high-speed through the filter when the smoke will be physically separated, fumes through the filter in the " Collision ", was homeopathic into the oil tank below the filter, and the discharge of the breeze, reaching 90% of the fume separation purification effect, so as to avoid the smoke inside the machine attached to the fan without oil, after the need to clean the fan, Smoke machine life and suction effect, so the fan is effectively protected, extending the life of the machine.