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Main Categories Of Range Hoods Jul 08, 2017

               Chinese smoke machine: mainly divided into old-fashioned shallow deep suction range hood, especially the shallow suction type to eliminate the object. is the ordinary exhaust fan, is directly the fume platoon outside. Deep suction smoke Machine The biggest problem is occupied space, noise is big, easy to meet, oil fume smoke is not clean, short service life, cleaning inconvenient, large environmental pollution.

               European-style smoke machine: the use of multi-layer oil network filter {5-7 layer}, increase the motor power to achieve the best results, the general power of more than 200 watts. Features: beautiful appearance, expensive price, suitable for high-end user groups. Many for the flat net Type filter oil NET, hangs installs the structure.Range hood

               Side-Suction: The advantage is not easy to meet, the appearance of fashion, smoking mouth close to the point of smoke, suction row effect, the young people like, the design is not good, the bottom easy to accumulate oil, convex part of the easy to affect the operation.Range hood

L-type Lampblack machine: For the problem of side suction to improve the L-type Lampblack machine, the original one side of the suction wind to the upper and lower two suction tuyere. The main smoking mouth in the lower part of the suction concentration in the area near the point of the smoke, before the proliferation of oil fume in the concentration of almost all the power to suck it away, a very small part of the smoke has not been inhaled along the guide plate to the top by the auxiliary suction mouth suction. The effect of smoking is better than that of the integrated stove with similar principle, and the split design avoids the possible safety problem of the integrated stove.Range hood