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Making Method Of Wall Mounted Range Hood Jul 28, 2017

             At present, the appearance of the domestic range hoods are suspended, smoke hood and smoking the height of the mouth is located above the head position, cooking fumes generated by natural rise and spread. Because this type of range hood installation location away from the cookstoves distance, resulting in a short air, smoke fumes have a considerable part or to spread outside the range hood, the human body caused harm, the surrounding environment, walls, kitchenware and so on are also subject to different degrees of pollution. Some manufacturers are trying to increase the rate of purification by increasing the motor power, which not only increases the energy consumption and noise, but also does not fundamentally solve the problem of oil fume escape. In addition, the existing range hoods are larger, occupy more plane space, and there is a high energy consumption, noise, low pollution efficiency, installation inconvenience, disassembly difficulties and influence cooking operation and so on.Wall Mounted Range Hood

            The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the deficiencies in the above background technology, and discloses a wall-mounted hood which can solve the air short circuit problem, low energy consumption, low noise, high oil and gas separation efficiency, no influence on cooking operation, small size and easy installation. It should also be able to prevent oil from sputtering to the wall and form dirty functions.Wall Mounted Range Hood

            Technical solutions for achieving the above objectives the wall-mounted range hood includes a casing, a face mask, an air inlet, a harmful gas monitor, a motor, a wind wheel, a exhaust duct, an oil box, a blower case and a control switch part, the casing is a rectangular flat-shaped body, the mask and the casing are fixed by the magnetic absorber, the mask is equipped with the Wind Guide plate, the guide oil groove is located in the lower part of the casing, the fan housing has a plurality of bumps on the inner wall, and a baffle with the air inlet is arranged between the The magnetic absorbers are arranged in a contact between the mask and the casing. The cross-section of each wind guide plate is streamlined, and a number of wind guides are radially distributed on the mask. The raised bulge is arranged in an orderly or disordered interval in the wall of the fan housing. A hanging hole is arranged on the lug. The cross-section of the oil guide groove is funnel-shaped and is vertically arranged along the lower part of the casing. A splash plate is arranged below the casing.Wall Mounted Range Hood