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Note The Range Hood Parameters Aug 29, 2017

    The key to buying the range hood is to understand its performance, performance from the following important indicators to reflect.


    1 exhaust volume. Air volume refers to the static pressure is zero when the range of hood unit time. The latest national standard stipulates that the index value should be greater than or equal to 10m3/min. In general, the greater the amount of wind, the more quickly and timely the kitchen a lot of fumes smoke clean. When other indicators are good circumstances, as much as possible to select the larger air volume hood. In addition, the air volume is not how much design is much, it is subject to a variety of factors. At present the market on the hood of the air volume can reach 14m3/min, the suction effect has been very good.


    2 wind pressure. The wind pressure refers to the static pressure of the range hood when the air volume is 7m3/min. The indicator value is greater than or equal to 80pa. Wind pressure is also an important indicator of the performance of the hood. The greater the wind pressure, the stronger the ability of the range hood to withstand the wind; if the exhaust pipe is long or received in the public flue, the smoke pressure loss is large, so that a greater pressure is needed to ensure that the smoke Gas discharge. So, when other indicators are good, the wind pressure value is better. Similarly, the wind pressure with the same air volume is also subject to many factors.


   3 noise. Noise is also an important measure of the performance of the range hood, it refers to the hood in the rated voltage, rated frequency, the highest speed range operation, according to the provisions of the method measured a sound power level. The index value is not greater than 74db.


   4 the motor input power. The model of the range hood is generally specified as cxw- □ - □, where the number in the first "□" indicates the main motor input power. The input power of the range hood is not as big as possible, because the lifting power is to enhance the air volume and wind pressure, if the air volume, wind pressure can not be improved, increase power is useless; Second, the greater the power, the greater the noise Cost electricity.