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Oil Exhaust Efficiency Of Range Hood Sep 27, 2017

     To keep the kitchen clean, the cooking fumes must be collected and drained in time. The collection of Lampblack is particularly important, is the main use of the range hood function. It affects the structure of the smoke hood, not the amount of wind. At present, most hoods in the market are covered with shallow-layered smoke hoods, and some are even near-bottomed "ultra-thin", "streamline"-shaped design. This design is contrary to the aerodynamics principle, it will make the collection efficiency of the range hood greatly reduced.Range hood

     These products are at the expense of the main use function, one-sided pursuit of gaudy "streamline" and "ultra-thin" visual effects, the horse-cart design led to this kind of hood products "see no use" of the consequences. But the ventilator fan does not have the collection smoke hood, thus lacks the collection function. Cooking fumes will diffuse everywhere, "clean" can say?Range hood

      Another factor is pumping efficiency. Only the wind pressure above 180Pa can form a certain distance of the airflow cycle. The size of the wind pressure depends on the structure of the impeller design, the general range Hood impeller using Eddy current Jet type. In fact, this is a mixed-flow impeller, the formation of the wind pressure is greater than the axial flow of wind leaves and far less than centrifugal wind vane. The ventilator belongs to the axial flow type wind vane structure, acts has the air volume, but the wind pressure is small, cannot form the effective suction, even if in the lampblack diffuse kitchen opens uses, also only a small part lampblack platoon walks.Range hood

      Because most of the exhaust hoods adopt a mixed-flow impeller and design into a shallow layer of smoke hood, so consumers after use generally feel less than advertising and people imagine so ideal. In order to improve the ability to collect lampblack, at present, the market has introduced the use of very easy to form negative pressure zone, to improve the collection of oil fume capacity of the deep-shaped smoke hood and suction platoon force of the special centrifugal turbine, wind pressure up to 280Pa products, smoke exhaust efficiency greatly improved, the effect is not the exhaust fan can be compared.Range hood