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Performance Evaluation Method Of Range Hood Sep 07, 2017

      The general range hood is divided into three kinds: one is Chinese-style smoke machine, two is European-style smoke machine, three is side suction type. Chinese-style smoke machine mainly divided into old-fashioned shallow deep suction range hood, especially the shallow suction type to eliminate the main object. is the ordinary exhaust fan, is directly the fume platoon outside. Deep suction smoke Machine The biggest problem is occupied space, noise is big, easy to meet, oil fume smoke is not clean, short service life, cleaning inconvenient, large environmental pollution. Range hood
      Two kinds of European smoke machine, using multi-layer oil network filter {5-7 layer}, increase the motor power to achieve the best results, the general power is more than 300 watts. Features: The appearance is beautiful, the price is expensive, charge electricity. Oil net cleaning is inconvenient, easy to meet, drop oil. The third is the side-suction lampblack purifier. Using the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design, the principle of separating the lampblack from the surface and then discharging the clean air is first used. Its characteristic is smoke lampblack effect good smoke lampblack effect is above 99%. No oil does not meet, hidden in cabinets and cabinets into one, does not occupy space. Motor Non-stick Oil service life long, easy to clean. Power saving is generally in 160 watts. Fumes do not guarantee the health of the housewife through the respiratory zone. Clean air does not pollute the environment.Range hood
      Range hood Evaluation, the evaluation of Lampblack machine should be the following four criteria: whether the kitchen lampblack completely clean, can the oil and smoke separation, so that the fan to be effective protection, cleaning is easy and convenient, whether to save power and long-term to maintain super powerful effect, With the above four standards to examine the traditional range hood naturally know so many years the industry can not be satisfied with the reasons.Range hood
      Traditional range hoods are ceiling design, installation height is generally around 700mm, and its mainstream models of fan power are mostly between the 200~250w, so its effective suction radius is roughly around 400mm, so the pot surface completely in its fan suction range, so that the smoke from the pot surface will be spread everywhere. To be clean, from the principle of air mechanics, it only has to drop the altitude, let its suction effective radius will cover the pot surface, natural also can achieve 99% suction effect, but this obviously can not stir-fry, careful analysis after not difficult to find, this ceiling design is the traditional smoke machine is not clean the root cause.Range hood