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Performance Of Side Range Hood Sep 07, 2017

     The smoke suction rate of the side-suction lampblack machine is more than 99% by the national test, and the suction rate of the conventional smoke machine is generally about 60%, because the suction-suction machine is lowered by the clever design, and the ultra-low installation shortens the suction distance. As we all know: standing in the back of the fan, the smoke in the middle part of the smoke was sucked into the fan, and the next part of the smoke but escape, stand near a point, you will find the smoke is sucked in.Side range hood
     The side-suction lampblack machine makes full use of this principle, from the principle of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics to know the suction nozzle of the hood as the interface, suction speed will decrease with the distance, that is, the suction mouth to form a spherical surface of the equal-speed surface, we stir-fry or cooking the formation of oil fume will also be on the pot surface as the interface to form a spherical isothermal surface, Side range hood
     In a natural state, lampblack movement in the direction of the main, but to the quartet will also produce escape, when the rise to a certain altitude, the oil fume will be due to temperature reduction and density increase in the decline, if the rise in the back or to the side of the lampblack speed is greater than the suction speed, the lampblack will not be smoked, We can know the escape area of lampblack and suction area, when all the lampblack are placed in suction zone, Lampblack will be hundred percent suction.Side range hood
    The side-suction lampblack machine is to produce the lampblack all puts in the suction area, but the traditional smoke machine cannot put the lampblack which produces all in the suction area. The design of the side-suction smoke machine is very reasonable and scientific, and the suction distance design achieves the best value. The smoke of the side-suction machine is discharged to nature after two oil and gas separation, its fume separation rate is much larger than the national standard of 42%, and reached more than 80%, it emits almost air and water vapor. The traditional smoke machine is discharged without separation, and the gas emitted by it is polluted by the environment, except air, water vapor and some lampblack.Side range hood