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Power Saving Strategy Nov 14, 2016

1, start when high winds

Many people thought, range hoods with small windshield can save electricity. In fact, smoke machine at startup the most power-hungry, small windshield time, due to the slow speed, so start up the relative contributions, and wind speed due to fast, start saving. So, best to open when you start down the wind

2, do not often take apart and wash

Cleaning method does not properly, may also result in increased power consumption. Often washable range hood will cause deformation, thus increasing resistance, and increases power consumption. Smoke is generally not into the motor, it is recommended that cleaning surfaces can.

3, when cleaning do not rub

Some people clean the range hood, are used to wipe the stained with oil on the blades, but this may lead to fan blade deformation, increases resistance to electricity. Therefore, when cleaning, spray cleaner on a leaf in the wind, dry blades rotate.

4, uses on the range hood light

Some people used to cook in the kitchen lights, but use low-power lighting devices on the range hood can be, this provides full use of the range hood functions can save electricity.

5, do not use deodorant

Some range hoods when the changing wind equipment, range hood exhaust smell.  In fact, range hood ventilation small breathing slower, so it is more electricity.