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Purchase Errors Nov 14, 2016

Error: "the circular air intake, 360 ° air intake" errors. Lots of side suction machines on the market location has a round hole in the Middle, claiming to be 360 ° air intake. But in fact, two Stove cooker the soot distribution on both sides of, into smoke and central location, only the closest to the Center full of smoke to enter, distant smoke is easy to escape, so this 360 ° air inlet open design for 360 °, not all into achieving smoke. Then let the two stove smoke and suck, it is necessary to ensure a comfortable air inlet.

Myth: "greater air volume, smoking the better" myths. Smoking effect not only by virtue of the air volume to judge volume too large can not absorb fumes, but also disrupt the flow of smoke gases. "Eleven-Five project" research shows that public smoking most suitable air volume is 15m3/min, not bigger is better. And in theory, the fan air flow and noise are a pair of natural contradictions, air flow across the great, but can't stand the noise.

Myth three: "the oil screen cleaner" errors. Side suction close smoking naturally come into contact with smoke earlier, gas oil oil touch screen started to condense to form liquid, when oil condensation drops to a certain level, tobacco is no longer current. So, technology experts in order to change the oil network troubles, developed a "triple fume separation technology" design for oil-free, filtered through multi-layer technology oil, modern side suction machine is a technological innovation, clean oil screen problem was to solve problems for customers.