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Purchase Standards Nov 14, 2016

Smoke rate

First selects high exhaust rate.

Kitchen range hood will have on the body's respiratory system damage, statistics show that deaths due to respiratory system diseases in China accounted for a variety of causes of death in the first place, coal-burning fluorosis and arsenic poisoning has become endemic in some area residents. Install range hood is designed to take in cooking oil fumes to reduce indoor pollution, so in selecting the models must first choose smoke and high efficiency.

Negative pressure

Secondly, to choose a negative pressure. Because of the negative pressure cooker hoods, smoking is stronger. As you by said, market Shang of range hood is divided into flat type, and half deep type, and deep type and Cabinet type, type, they for structure of different produced of "negative pressure district" also different, most deep type range hood of negative pressure regional about for 0.14 cubic metres, its row smoke efficiency for 60% around, Cabinet type range hood of negative pressure regional about for 0.32 cubic metres, row smoke efficiency is greater than 95%. But because of the tank hood using the form enclosed on three sides, so no hanging in appearance is a luxury