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Range Hood Background Nov 14, 2016

Kitchen smoke in the early work was done by an exhaust fan. Most of the range hood exhaust fan can be ruled out in the kitchen, but it cannot solve the entire kitchen of cooking oil fume on pollution of cooking oil smoke contains many harmful substances, if working in a smoke-filled rooms for long time, can lead to the occurrence of many diseases.

WHO studies show in 2012, because of air pollution in kitchen leads to death of the 4.3 million people, suffered a stroke of 34%, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and ischemic heart disease are 22% and 26% respectively, and died of lung cancer in about 6%.

United Kingdom medical journal the Lancet in a research project on risk assessment, kitchen has been air pollution (smog) as the biggest health risks of hypertension, smoking and alcohol. Each year continued into the kitchen of smoke generated by the fire and the number of deaths, than the total number of deaths to malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.