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Range Hood Requirements And Effects Aug 18, 2017

      Chinese domestic smoking machine: Chinese lampblack machine simple and lightweight, economical and affordable. European-style lampblack machine is the appearance of more luxurious atmosphere, but the price is slightly higher, is the kitchen area smaller family main purchase "Chinese" lampblack machine, this kind of family more pay attention to cost-effective and practicality, "Chinese" machine after many years of development, technology has been quite mature, set the depth of the smoke silo is ordinary European machine 2.5 times times, more conducive to set up the lampblack, smoke exhaust effect more ideal. Smoke effect: A deep suction smoke machine, generally using high-power motor, there is a large set of smoke cavity and large turbine, is a direct suction out, can first put up the rise of lampblack together, and then after the oil net, will fume platoon out, the effect of oil fume is good, and it is more suitable for Chinese families who often fry and fry. Range hood
      Energy-saving effect:Chinese Power 168 lampblack machine even better than European 200 power, so the lowest power in Europe is also around 200, compared to the Chinese style lampblack machine instead of the European-style energy-saving.Range hood
      Installation requirements: From the installation point of view, basically belong to the "ceiling type" range hood, the size of the general 700mm--750mm, suitable for kitchen very small family, the cabinet requirements are relatively small, and size suitable; Price problem: Low cost of production materials, production process is relatively simple, moderate price; disadvantage: Appearance is not beautiful, noise is big, easy to meet, drop oil, lampblack is not clean, lampblack does not separate, to the surroundings of a certain pollution, cleaning inconvenient, short service life, Most of the switches are basically mechanical switches, heavy sense is more intense!Range hood
     Smoke effect: The principle is the circulation of the rising type, single turbine, small set of smoke bins and no set of smoke bins, multi-layer dense mesh plate superimposed, smoke-less effect than the medium machine, but the oil fume separation, small noise, energy-saving environmental protection, is now the main trend of tobacco machine; appearance: Appearance is really beautiful fashion, can have a variety of fabric choice, switch can have mechanical switch and touch switch style to choose from, increase the kitchen highlights, style is more novel; Installation requirements: In the installation position, basically belongs to "ceiling type" range hood, Size generally in 800mm--900mm, open kitchen or a larger kitchen, can choose, and most of the cabinets to match and, basically belong to "ceiling type" range hood; Price problem: The complexity of production process and material cost increase, so the price is higher than Chinese cigarette machine. Disadvantage: European lampblack machine In fact, the effect of the smoke is not as good as Chinese, the rate is not high, the power is not small.Range hood