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Range Hood Selection Overall Plan Sep 18, 2017

     Range hood is to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen important products, so choose a satisfactory range hood products for the newly-married family is very important. Range hoods by shape can be divided into shallow cover type and deep cover type and cabinet cover type three kinds, because of shallow cover type smoke hood very shallow or basically no set smoke hood, the net rate is poor. And deep cover type includes deep or deep cabinet type (also known as deep well type), the machine kind of price is more moderate, we recommend the product will concentrate on this.Range hood

     Hood type (also known as cabinet type) hoods are actually hoods and smoke collection cabinets combination, hood type of smoke cover surrounded by four sides of the wind screen (only one side to do the operation of the mouth), the equivalent of a larger volume of smoke cabinets, which can more effectively prevent the spillover of lampblack, can be small air volume, high efficiency to eliminate lampblack, Save energy and save electricity. The disadvantage is large size, not too beautiful, expensive price, less market products. The above three types of hoods in the same technical conditions, the smoke extraction rate is light cover type in about 40%, deep cover type in the $number, cabinet cover type is larger than 70-85%.Range hood

    There are also many people according to the design style of the range hood, the range hoods are divided into Chinese and European, Chinese-style lampblack machine for deep-type machine, this type of hood set a deeper smoke hood, in the work of runtimes smoke hood can accommodate the smoke has not been drained away, to avoid a large number of soot diffusion phenomenon The European-style hood does not have a large volume of smoke hood, but basically the use of high-power centrifugal wind wheel, strong suction.Range hood

    Chinese machine direct-type smoke, European-style machine cycle-type smoke, in contrast, Chinese machine more obvious smoke effect, for many families high stir-frying fume four kitchen environment, European machine not too many performance advantages. Overall, the European machine is more suitable for large space, Lampblack is not a lot of modern kitchen. and Chinese-style range hoods are generally cheaper than the European-style hoods around, from the practicality and cost-effective, Chinese-style hoods more purchase value. Of course, in appearance, is still a variety of shape changes in the European-style hoods based on the advantages.Range hood