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Range Hood The Main Classification Nov 14, 2016

Pocket cigarette machine

Consists of old-fashioned shallow-deep hood, especially shallow-suction cover objects. Is the common exhaust fans, are fume exhaust directly to outdoors. Deep suction machine's biggest problem is space, noise, easy to meet, drops of oil fume extraction is not clean, short life, not convenient for cleaning and environmental pollution.

Continental machine

Using multi-layer oil filter , increase motor power in order to achieve best results, general power 200 watts or more. Features: beautiful, expensive, suitable for high-end user groups. Mostly flat screen type oil filter screen, hanging installation structure.

Side suction

Advantages are not easy to meet, stylish, smoking close to the smoke point, good suction effect, young people like, design is not good, easily and oil on the bottom, raised part of the easy operation.

L-range hoods

For side suction problem to l-range hood, to a prominent lateral suction to both top and bottom suction outlet. Primary smoking mouth underneath the suction Assembly in the lower region close to the smoke, smoke diffusion concentrated almost all power to suck it before, a very small portion were not inhaling smoke plumes of smoke deflector to the top Deputy for a breath away. Effects of smoking better than using similar principles integrated oven and separate integrated oven was designed to avoid possible security problems.