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Range Hoods Nov 14, 2016

Range hoods, also known as hood, is a kitchen appliance cleaning the kitchen environment. It installs health energy saving range hood above the stove in the kitchen, stove burning wastes and harmful fumes generated during cooking rapidly drained, outdoor, pollution reduction, clean air, and antivirus, explosion-proof security. Range hoods require regular cleaning, simple cleaning is not the oil, clean the range hood must use professional cleaning agents for cleaning.

Working principle

Range hood installation Yu stove upper, connected sucking fume machine power, drive motor, makes wind rotation high-speed rotating, makes stove above must of space range within formed negative pressure district, will indoor of fume gas inhalation sucking fume machine internal, fume gas after oil network filter, for first times fume separation, then into smoke machine duct internal, through impeller of rotating on fume gas for second times of fume separation, wind Cabinet in the of fume by centrifugal force of role, oil fog agglutination into oil drops, through oil collection to oil Cup, Purification of flue gas after the last discharge along a fixed path.

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