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Research And Implementation Of Intelligent Control Module For Energy-saving And Environmental Protection Type Range Hood Aug 11, 2017

               In the traditional range hood control system, the main speed regulating method of the fan (single-phase AC motor) is through manual switch, switching the stator coil wiring mode, realizing the change of the motor pole logarithm, completing the adjustment of the motor speed, in order to achieve the effect of exhaust hood ventilation; Considering the cost of motor production and the limitations of the motor itself, in this kind of constant frequency speed regulating method, the wind turbine generally only has high, medium and low three gear speed, and the noise is larger. In addition, with the rapid increase of China's range hood industry The intelligent level of its products is low, the market of the range hoods are not in accordance with the kitchen cooking fume size of the real-time ventilation of the shortcomings of the adjustment, the work of the most high-power operation, resulting in a lot of energy waste. With the improvement of people's quality of life, this only three-speed fixed-frequency manual range hoods can not meet the requirements of people.Range hood

              In order to meet the requirements of the new generation of green energy-saving, environmental protection, noise and intelligence, this paper designs a integrated intelligent control module based on tms320f28035, which applies flux tracking (SVPWM) technology to single-phase AC motor (i.e. fan). The single-phase AC motor is transformed into two-phase motor model, and the Advanced Motor Inverter control strategy is used to realize the energy saving of the blower, to improve the stability of the blower and to reduce the noise. At the same time, combining fuzzy adaptive control algorithm , the optimal output control speed is optimized to realize the efficiency of the operating process and improve the intelligent level of the hood. The module can easily replace the traditional range hood control system for upgrading, and has a large market application potential.Range hood

              To this end, the main work of this paper is as follows two points: 1, the design of oil fume, humidity and temperature sensor detection circuit, sensing kitchen cooking parameters, proposed the Fuzzy Adaptive Control algorithm under the hood environment, the comprehensive analysis kitchen cooking parameters, output the optimal control speed, in order to realize the efficiency optimization of the operation of the hood, and to complete the intelligent operation of the hood. 2, for single-phase AC Motor Universal existence of the stator main and vice winding turns of unequal phenomenon, based on the magnetic chain tracking of the asymmetric two-phase motor control strategy, the voltage factor conversion angle Δ is introduced to adjust the basic voltage space vector distribution to change the voltage phase angle and amplitude of the asymmetric two-phase motor, in order to achieve the symmetrical operation of the two-phase motor with asymmetric parameters, to realize the energy saving of the blower, to improve the stability of the blower and reduce the noise The experimental results of the Intelligent control module designed in this paper show that: the consumption power, the exhaust volume and the noise are more obvious than the traditional range hood control system, which can realize the effect of purifying kitchen environment, saving energy and achieving the design goal.Range hood