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Selection Type Of Wall Mounted Range Hood Oct 26, 2017

Lampblack machine works in the kitchen every day, so time will often lose luster, so the choice of lampblack machine material is more important than other alppiances. At present the market Lampblack machine product often chooses is the tempered glass and the stainless steel two kinds, the latter price is relatively high.Wall Mounted Range Hood

To test the material is also very simple, the best domestic materials are generally imported M-CR refined steel quality, looks fine textured. This material is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and will be more polished. To distinguish between this material and the general alloy material difference, only need to use the magnet directly to try, can suck on, then certainly is the general inferior alloy or the iron class, cannot absorb is the fine steel quality.Wall Mounted Range Hood

The Lampblack machine is one of the most common household appliances in our family kitchen, and also the protagonist in our kitchen. But many consumers in the choice of lampblack products may encounter such or some of the trouble, often can only listen to the explanation of the guide, which is often easy to buy some of the product. Today, I will make a detailed introduction. Smoke effect: Large oil-absorbing area, close to the lampblack, the use of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design, the first use of fume separation plate to separate the fume and then discharged clean air, the principle of clean air does not pollute the environment, no oil does not meet, smoke the effect of good pumping, the rate of oil fume is more than 99%, the motor does not stick to the service life long , easy to clean, especially suitable for Chinese kitchen high.Wall Mounted Range Hood

Smoke hood Effect: the principle is the circulation of the rising type, single-turbine, small-set smoke bin and no collection, multi-layer dense mesh board stack, smoke-absorbing effect is worse than the machine, but oil fume separation, small noise, energy saving and environmental protection, is now the main trend of the smoke machine appearance: appearance is really beautiful fashion, can have a variety of fabric selection, Switch can be a mechanical switch and touch switch style to choose from, increasing the kitchen highlights, style is relatively novel.Wall Mounted Range Hood