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Side-Deaft Range Hood Good Or Island Hood Good Aug 23, 2017

First, the island hood

  Island hood installed in the stove above

  Currently on the market most of the traditional range hood is the "top suction", that is, hood installed in the stove above, through the above exhaust fan to smoke away, top suction range hood is thin, deep and between the two Between the semi-deep and so on.

  Advantages: modeling and diverse, easy to clean.

  Disadvantages: cooking will bring meet, drip and many other inconvenience.

Second, the side-draft range hood hood

  The side-draft range hood is closer to the stove

  Side suction (also known as near suction) range hood is developed in recent years, the product has changed the traditional smoke machine design and smoke way, cooking from the side will produce smoke from the smoke, basically reached the effect of removing fumes , While the side suction range hood in the patented product - fume separation board, completely solve the Chinese cooking fierce fire frying smoke difficult to remove the problem. This smoke machine in the use of side into the wind and fume separation technology, making the smoke soak rate of 99%, fume purification rate of up to 90%, to become truly in line with Chinese cooking habits of the range hood.

  Advantages: Smoke effect is more ideal, there will be no sense of oppression, no contact, drip of the worry, smoke more thoroughly, environmental protection and energy conservation.

  Disadvantages: very few styles, smoke chamber is often unable to achieve one molding, cleaning more trouble, noisy.