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Smoke Machine Structure Nov 14, 2016

Range hoods are mainly organic shells, ducts, fans, check valve, oil-collecting devices, lighting devices, power switch and power cord and other accessories.


Shell and the Panel is composed of two parts, made of cold rolled steel sheet surface treatment, and shape not only smooth, beautiful and does not rust, and high durability and easy cleaning.


Motor is a central part of the range hood using single-phase capacitor start asynchronous Motors of the closed iron shell closed, the motor bearings double row ball bearings, insulation class e insulation, start capacitor has a capacity of around 4 method.

Wind wheel

Centrifugal wind wheel. Its diameter is 220mm/240mm. Silicon aluminum alloy sheet metal made, durable form, balancing good performance.

Air duct

For the flue gas channels, formed by the surface processing of cold-rolled steel sheet, air duct structure of the whole range hood exhaust and noise.

Check valve

Made by, is preventing smoke flow backward.

Fume Extractor

From oil boxes, exhaust pipe, oil cups and oil ring.

Lighting device

Ordinary Chinese with 15~40W incandescent bulb socket with Edison Cap: European, near-by cold light source lamp, outside with a piece of transparent Plexiglas detachable pieces, seal up the lamp to avoid cooking lamp stained and corrosion to ensure electrical safety.

Power switch

Tact switch or mechanical switches control the working state.