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Structural Analysis Of Side Range Hood Oct 26, 2017

Side suction hood, as the name suggests is the smoking mouth is in the side of the cooker, is a near-suction lampblack machine. Side Hood is developed in recent years the product (in fact, in the western early 20th century has a prototype, but has not been promoted), changed the traditional smoke machine design and smoke way, cooking fumes from the side suction, basically achieved the effect of cleaning lampblack.Side range hood

At the same time the side of the Lampblack machine in the fume separation plate, can completely solve the Chinese cuisine high cooking fume difficult to remove the difficult problem, so that the smoke absorption rate of up to 99%, oil fume purification rate of up to 90% or so, become truly in line with Chinese family cooking habits range hood.Side range hood 

Side suction hood into the outlet from the source of oil more near, can be the first time to lock the lampblack, and shorten the range of the movement of smoke rise, smoke exhaust effect is more ideal. Smoke cavity in the appearance of the use of open-style design, increase the scope of cooking space, cooking without a sense of depression, more effectively avoid the occurrence of the meeting incident.Side range hood

Kitchen platform Height and width should be reasonable, generally should be 800mm high, including marble table width of 550mm. The height and width of kitchen cabinets should also be reasonable, from the ground to the bottom of the Condole cabinet is 1600mm-1650mm, the size of the cabinet is 600mm*330mm. The installation height of the side hood is appropriate, this can not only ensure that not meet, but also to ensure the effect of smoke, normal installation height for the bottom of the smoke machine and stove above the distance in the 650-700mm for the best, and mainstream models of wind power is mostly between 200-250 watts, so effective suction radius of roughly 300- About 400mm.Side range hood

Side Suction hood is the side of the wind, the inlet is greatly reduced, not only can absorb the lampblack, at the same time gas in the harmful gas can also be sucked away, especially near the side of the Lampblack Machine fume separation Filter plate, can be described as a range hood reform feat, its smoke absorption rate of more than 99%, oil fume purification rate reached 90%, Especially suitable for open kitchen.Side range hood