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Structural Rationality Design Of Side Range Hood Oct 17, 2017

Traditional range hoods are ceiling design, installation height is generally around 700mm, and its mainstream models of fan power are mostly between the 200~250w, so its effective suction radius is roughly around 400mm, so the pot surface completely in its fan suction range, so that the smoke from the pot surface will be spread everywhere. To be clean, from the principle of air mechanics, it only has to drop the altitude, let its suction effective radius will cover the pot surface, natural also can achieve 99% suction effect, but this obviously can not stir-fry, careful analysis after not difficult to find, this ceiling design is the traditional smoke machine is not clean the root cause.Side range hood

The traditional lampblack machine in lampblack filtration, all is uses the filter oil net way. There is a layer, two layers or multi-layer, the filter hole has square, diamond, round and so on, the purpose is to send the hope that the filter network to block Lampblack, but from so many years of use, this solution is very poor effect, there is a well-known brand publicity materials on the candid: filter even small to 0.01 square centimeters, still have 37% of Lampblack, And now most of the smoke filter holes in the market are around 0.04 square centimeters, thus almost directly discharged, the result is the pollution of the smoke machine inside the wall, resulting in a large number of fan impeller uneven oil, fan rotation loss of dynamic balance, so the suction effect is more and more bad, and its mechanical noise is getting bigger. In short, there is no effective purification function is the traditional cigarette machine efficacy quickly decline straight.Side range hood

To keep the kitchen clean, the cooking fumes must be collected and drained in time. The collection of Lampblack is particularly important, is the main use of the range hood function. It affects the structure of the smoke hood, not the amount of wind. At present, most hoods in the market are covered with shallow-layered smoke hoods, and some are even near-bottomed "ultra-thin", "streamline"-shaped design. This design is contrary to the aerodynamics principle, it will make the collection efficiency of the range hood greatly reduced. These products are at the expense of the main use function, one-sided pursuit of gaudy "streamline" and "ultra-thin" visual effects, the horse-cart design led to this kind of hood products "see no use" of the consequences. But the ventilator fan does not have the collection smoke hood, thus lacks the collection function. Cooking fumes will diffuse everywhere, "clean" can say?Side range hood